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HIS Pods launced their very first Learning Pod in August of 2023 in Jaco, Costa Rica. The Pod is growing incredible first. In the first 4 months, the student campus enrollment doubled and six students were baptized in the name of Jesus. Numerous students in the younger grades are learning to speak English for the first time and advancing very quickly. The flagship campus was launched in partnership with Horizon International Church Jaco, Costa Rica.



Our Mission is to transform the next generation through sound academic education with a Christian worldview.

The first HIS Pods campus is located in the heart of Jaco, Costa Rica. This is an area well known by locals for its proximity to the ocean, surfing, prostitution & casinos. Prostitution is legal, poverty is widespread, and sin is rampant. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of expats who are relocating to this area thanks in part to some Christian missionaries who have given rise to a rapidly growing, bilingual Christian Church. The church is called Horizon International Church and we are excited to partner with them on growing our first HIS Pods campus.

Featured Partnerships

Horizon International Church

Started by a small group of Christian believers as a non-denominational home church in 2014, Horizon Church is the only predominately English speaking church in Jaco.  The new Church worship campus being used today was opened for Christmas eve service in 2019. 

The church is home for many outreach ministries in the community and we are thankful to call it home for HIS Pods.

Christian Life Academy

Established in 2014, Christian Life Academy is an infant- 8th grade private school located in Cape Coral, Florida offering exceptional Christian education.  The school is as a ministry of Christian Life Fellowship.

Christian Life Academy serves as HIS Pods academic partner and provides resources and training to our teachers to ensure our students receive a quality Christian education.

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